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Man arrested after threat at Alfred Town Hall

By TAMMY WELLS|Senior Staff Writer

ALFRED — The Town Hall was locked down briefly Thursday until Maine State Police arrived and arrested a man who allegedly threatened to shoot an employee. The man had left the building, but then returned to the area outside.

Randal Ferguson, 55, a transient from Washington state who apparently has ties to the area, was charged with criminal threatening after he allegedly vowed to come back to the town hall and shoot secretary Donna Pirone. He was taken to York County Jail Thursday, where he was held on $300 cash bail.

Pirone said she's never previously had an issue with anyone who had come into town hall, but the incident left her shaken.

She said the man came in about 9:30 a.m. and asked that she fax a letter to President Barack Obama. Pirone said she told him she didn't have a fax number, but suggested to the man that he could mail the letter. Then, she said, he pointed his finger in her face and made a threat.

“He said, ”˜Believe me, I am going to come back and shoot you,' and left the building,” Pirone said.

Pirone called Maine State Police and treasurer Fred Holt kept an eye on the man outside. Pirone said the man walked up to the corner and then down toward the cemetery, and then in front of the town hall. Police were called again, and workers were instructed to lock the door. Then, three troopers arrived and took the man into custody.

Trooper Dave Coflesky said Ferguson had a knife with him, but no gun.

Pirone, who also serves as the town's general assistance officer, said she frequently sees folks in difficult circumstances, but has never had an issue with her clients.

In this case, she said it seemed like the man had issues.

“I felt bad for him, but you can't threaten people,” she said.

The town hall was locked down for about 10 minutes.

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