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Getting back in the groove

Youth Columnist

As we approach the dreaded final weeks of summer vacation, I have come to notice how much more appreciative I am of the sunny season compared to when I was a little kid.

How can I not be more appreciative of summer, since it seems to fly by as I grow older?

The increased amount of scheduled fall activities I do also adds to the reasoning of wanting summer rest before the return to being so busy.

I'm sure many people feel the same, especially those my age.

With pre-season for fall sports in full swing, and students doing last minute shopping for school, they too would like to enjoy their final days off.

It's crazy to believe that some students are already in school or are going back within the next two weeks. In fact, many students have already moved into their dorms for college orientation.

In my first column titled “Summer Reflection,” which I wrote back in June, I talked about my ode to the arrival of summer and the prediction as to what I would be doing throughout the heavenly scorch.

I asked myself, “what will this summer bring me? Will I be too focused on my summer jobs to actually let loose and have fun? Will I cross paths with someone who can create an impact on my life?
Or perhaps, will I be lying on my hometown beach with a book in hand and sipping an iced cold lemonade?”

The answer to my own question was that I experienced all three of my predictions. More often than not, I was working this summer. When I was not hard at work, I enjoyed various activities such as soccer practice, attending Southern Maine Music Academy, and jammin’ to some soulful music at the One Republic concert up in Bangor. Not to mention, I also got to have my desired beach day with a book in hand, while sipping an iced cold lemonade.

Overall, I have come to the conclusion that my summer felt complete. I may not have relaxed as much as I wanted, but I got to experience some very wonderful and exciting things. What I have done this summer is more than what most kids my age do, and I am forever grateful for these opportunities.

I also had the privilege to meet multiple people with unique personalities. To me, that makes these opportunities much more enjoyable.

With only a few weeks of summer left, I ask you to reflect on all that you have done this summer. Think about your favorite activities you participated in. Maybe even think about the ones that you didn't like very much.

Think about what you haven’t accomplished, so that you have some pastimes to complete going into fall or over the course of next summer.

With that, I hope you make the most of the remaining days of this lovely season! Enjoy the beauty that Maine has to offer in these next few months!

After all, chilly weather is just around the corner!

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