2017-11-12 / Family

I see the light – from my living room


Less than a week ago, if you had driven by my house you might have noticed a giant hole in my living room wall. It wasn’t the result of a fallen tree or even a power outage of any kind – we were free and clear of any issues during last week’s horrific storm. This hole is, in fact, our choice.

For the last few years we have been peering through fog, even when the weather has been crystal clear. The picture window in our living room decided to throw us some shade and make it a bit more difficult to see outside without maneuvering around the mass of moisture in the middle. This year Spouse and I bit the bullet (and our savings) and decided to replace it with a new bay window.

I’ve never seen someone make a hole in a house before, and was looking forward to witnessing the process. I ran a couple of errands in the morning soon after the contractor started measuring and moving his equipment in. By the time I pulled back into the driveway, the deed had already been done. What had once been a picture window we could barely see the outside through was now an oddly shaped crater that was letting November temps invade our house.

The crew worked diligently to prep the area for our replacement window. I snapped before, during and after photos during the process, sending shots and videos to Spouse for his amusement. At one point as the new window was being adjusted into place, the contractor – who was the only one handling it from the inside – yelped, “hold it – hold it fingers!” I could see his fingers momentarily jammed between the glass and the frame. Fortunately, his coworkers heard his plea and I didn’t have to call 911 or retrieve any appendages.

Spouse and I are not what you’d call proactive about making changes around this house. There is still a hole in the floor of our attic – which equals a hole in the ceiling of our stairwell – since I put my foot through the attic floor more than five (or is it ten) years ago. It took the threat of an appraiser coming before we painted rooms that were well past their decently painted days. Part of it is that we are pros at procrastination, and the other part is that renovations cost cash.

When we do invest in improvements, we try to make it count. Our last big house expense was a new roof and gutters, which were tested to the limit recently with the outrageous storms the area encountered. I’m happy to report that the basement floor remains dry where we could have floated rubber duckies before. That’s how this whole window project came about.

We were so pleased with the crew’s work and efficiency on our roof that we latched onto the contractor and talked him into one more little job. Good thing we did because after that his calendar filled up to the point of not having time for any more “little jobs” for several months.

This evening we are admiring our beautiful new bay window. We can see the light – maybe too much light at the moment, since we don’t have a curtain up yet.

Home renovations always make me feel better about our environment, even if our bank account is crying uncle. At least now, life looks a little brighter on the other side of the glass. 

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