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The Wrath of Winter

Youth Columnist

2018 is officially here and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

With the the start of this year came inspiration for new goals to conquer. It gave a sense of new found confidence for wanting to make a change in lifestyle. Overall, the first week of the year is meant to make you feel like you’re on a high. It’s refreshing.

Everything felt all “happy go lucky” as soon as January 1st approached.  

That is, until the winter weather decided to take its chilly wrath on our beautiful state…

Going against the grain of the population, winter is my favorite season. There is nothing I love more than the excitement of seeing the first inch of snow fall on the ground or children making snowy figures in the white flurry.

In fact, I would prefer the colder weather rather instead of the warm, so I can bundle up in sweaters and fuzzy socks with 800 blankets piled on top of me.

To all the single ladies or wives who are mad at their husbands… Who needs men when we can have blankets and a nice ol’ warm cup of cocoa or joe. Sorry boys.

Despite my love for winter, I find myself to be particularly annoyed as I was greeted with the negative wind chills while stepping out of my house each day this week. Now that is where winter just becomes brutal.

Not to mention, the oh so wonderful task of having to start your car twenty minutes ahead of time and chipping the mass of ice off your windows. Of course, that is only if your car actually starts…

It’s really no biggie though. After all, we can handle another Ice Age completely fine. Please excuse me Mother Nature for thinking that it would approach us a bit later in time, say 50 years from now rather than within the beginning of 2018…

It is safe to say that this year did not start out the way most of us had planned in terms of weather. It is clear that living in Maine, we expect nothing less than snow and the freezing cold. However, can it please not last this way until May, like previous years?

On the bright side of this, some of us are fortunate enough to have snow day`s.

To my readers who have them, I hope your day is filled with warmth and endless entertainment of good books or movies.

To those of you who aren’t as lucky to have a snow day, please be safe and remember… Watch out for the yellow snow.

Here’s to winter everyone!

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