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Skiers hit the trails and enjoy warm weather

Staff Writer

DAYTON — After subzero temperatures earlier this month, Thursday’s temperatures in the high 40s felt relatively balmy.

Judging by the crowded parking lot at the Harris Farm cross-country ski area at 280 Buzzell Road, many people took advantage of the warm weather to hit the ski trails.

One of the skiers was Carol Pisano of Biddeford. 

“It’s awesome out there today. It’s perfect,” she said.

Ski area owner Dixie Harris said business was a little slow during frigid temperatures but picked up once it got up to 12 degrees. 

She said to maintain a good base and provide ideal skiing conditions, there needs to be at least three to four inches of new powder a week, with temperatures from 15 to 25 degrees at night and 20 to 30 degrees and sunny during the day. 

The ski area opened in early December and will stay open as long as conditions are favorable. 

“We’ve had snow into April,” said Harris.

Though the warm temperatures and soft packed powder were good for skiing, the trails were too soft for fat biking, a new activity introduced to the ski area last year. The bikes, which have four-inch wide tires, are better to use when the ground is frozen and solid. Harris Farm owners anticipate better fat biking conditions next week. 

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