2018-01-25 / Letters to the Editor

Medical expense deductions appreciated


Recently, Americans who had high health care costs faced a big tax increase just because of their medical expenses. Senator Susan Collins was one of several leaders in Congress who fought back against the measure. She and her colleagues helped to ensure the medical expense deduction was maintained, including restoring a 7.5 percent income threshold for two years.  This allows families to deduct large expenses like wheelchairs, prescription drugs and home care costs.

Millions of older Americans, including over 35,000 in Maine, depend on the health tax credit to afford their health care needs.  According to the IRS, 56 percent of those taking the medical expense deduction are age 65 or older.  Without being able to deduct these expenses, many would struggle to afford their home care equipment and medicines, and be forced to dip into their hard-earned retirement savings. 

I want to thank Senator Collins for her efforts to restore the medical expense deduction and for sparing middle class families from being penalized simply because they have high medical costs.

Jeff Fowler

AARP Maine Volunteer Advisory Council Member


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