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The Blondie Rants: Prom Edition

Youth Columnist

“A Night to Remember”

“Fairytale Nights”

To some, Prom is considered one of the most exciting experiences as a high school student. To others, they may feel as if it is not so important.

As a high school student attending prom this year, I personally do not care much for the event.

However, I do care for it being a wonderful night to those who are looking forward to the event. 

Since the start of last year, I have been diligently working to help my fellow Junior classmates plan accordingly for this year’s Prom. 

My first task as class president and a member of the prom committee was to organize an actual committee of people and choose the venue. This was back in June of last year...

Two things I learned from being on the committee so far...

Not only was I confused on why I had to book a venue a year in advance before the actual event, but I came to the conclusion that this “high school dream night” is a bit overrated. 

For instance, thousands of dollars are spent every year just for the decorations alone. Then, add all the bonus factors of the event itself. We are talking food services, the DJ expenses, and most importantly, the beloved Prom King and Queen Crowns.

Furthermore, this is the one day a year I am certain that most girls and guys like to go over the top in spending money on hair, makeup, shoes, limos, corsages. Of course, let’s not forget about the overly priced dresses and tuxes that you only wear once…

Why is this night so special that all this money is spent on the hopes of one perfect night?

Like any other, I too have fantasized on what it would be like to have the perfect date and the perfect dress on this “night to remember.” However, as of six months ago, I began to think…

Who cares?

Forgive me for my negatives views on this event if Prom happened to be one of the greatest nights of your life. My goal is not to offend you.

I believe that my disliking for Prom stems from the fact that the negative opinions from others regarding the theme and plans for the event can really make the process difficult for the committee. 

I also believe my own self loathing of loneliness has struck me when I picture all my friends with their dates and myself having nobody to hang with. 

Perhaps, I have even become a Promzilla; planning the event with the consistent criticism from the needy Seniors has made me gone mad.

Despite my disliking, I care too much for the wellbeing of others, and I actually want them to have their “dream night,” if Prom is their cup of tea.

To my readers… Do not pity me.. I look forward to many events in the future that most girls enjoy. Particularly, I am thrilled for my Wedding day in later years. 

However, Prom is just not my forte. 

Maybe my opinions will change once the night actually comes around.

Maybe I will actually enjoy being alone rather than third wheeling my friends with boyfriends.

Perhaps, I may even find a dress that I feel like a princess in.

Until then, Prom isn't my idea of a “night to remember.” 

To be continued...

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