2017-03-26 / Front Page

Police arrest 'Incognito Bandit' trying to board flight


BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts man dubbed the “Incognito Bandit” has been arrested and charged with bank robbery as he tried to board a flight to South Africa from Virginia.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts said 36-year-old Albert Taderera was arrested Friday evening at Dulles International Airport.

The Brighton, Massachusetts man was charged with robbing a branch of TD Bank in Wayland on Oct. 7. He’s also suspected of robbing more than a dozen other banks in the Metro-West and Greater Boston areas.

In most cases, prosecutors say the robber was disguised wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt, dark face mask, sunglasses, dark gloves and other dark clothing. The robber would often display a black semi-automatic handgun.

It’s unclear whether Taderera has an attorney. He’s scheduled to appear Monday in a Virginia federal court.

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