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Concussion during the SAT


Do you ever have one of those days where you seem to have the worst luck?

Furthermore, do you struggle to turn the day around, but it somehow seems to get worse?

It's a domino effect kind of day.

One bad thing leads to the next and so on. 

You feel as if you should just not move, speak, or think because something unlucky will happen. 

Last Monday was one of those unlucky days for me. 

The domino effect started as soon as I got up. 

I overslept… I was running late to school…I was stressed

With an already wonderful start to my day, I decided it would then be a good idea to whack my head off my car trying to get out of it.

With a minute to get myself into class, I was already halfway outside of my car when I realized I forgot my headphones in the console. Being the smart person I am and being in a rush, I hit my head on the outside of the car trying to grab my headphones. 

Long story short, I was seeing stars and definitely knew I was gonna feel the  throbbing pain for the rest of the day. However, after rushing into class, I was feeling pretty nauseous and had a feeling like

I had to throw up; which are symptoms of a concussion.

Ironic enough, out of all days and all reasons to get a concussion, fate just had to have it happen for a not-so-bright reason on the day before the SAT exam. 

It is also ironic because I was concussed for my sophomore year of the PSAT, from a head collision with another player during a soccer game. 

I guess it's an unlucky trend for me to concuss myself before important standardized tests.
In addition to my head injury, there was also many mental farts that took place throughout the day.

For instance, I typically pack up all my athletic gear for practice right before I head to school for the day.

Apparently, I had only packed one sneaker in my gym bag. By the time I got to track practice, I discovered that I only had one shoe, so I had to rush home to grab it in time for practice. This has never happened to me before. 

Then, at practice I proceeded to do my workout wrong by doing more laps than needed. Not that doing extra laps is bad, but it definitely took a toll on my body during the SAT exam the next day.

Having unlucky days is apart of life. 

Frankly, I find these days to be amusing because they seem to be the days you somehow remember in the future.

In all honesty, roll with the flow on these days. After all the misery, go home and relax to a nice pint of ice cream and a movie, or perhaps read a few chapters of your favorite book. 

Whatever helps you to unwind at night. 

Remember: just don't get a paper cut or eat too much ice cream. 

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